Blue Masonry Paint - Colour Guide

Blue masonry paint


Choosing what colour to go for when it comes to painting exterior masonry can be a daunting task. The choice of whether to go for a more conventional neutral shade or to go for something a bit different is one that many homeowners go through, but is it right for you? Don't worry, you are in the right place as we are going to cover everything you need to know about blue masonry paint in our ultimate colour guide.


When it comes to exterior masonry colours, the same shades commonly appear. White, magnolia & light grey are all colours you will usually see on masonry surfaces, however this traditional use of colour is not always desired by people today. 


Pastel shades such as blue, pink & green are becoming increasingly popular on a range of exterior projects, whether used to paint the full exterior of a house or to give a garden wall character. These pastel shades allow you to create a unique look, while not overpowering the property with too much pigment, which could result in a bold, uncompromising look.


There are a number of reasons why pastel & light blue shades are growing in popularity in modern decor. Firstly, blue evokes tranquillity & summer, which translates brilliantly to the surface it is used on. Painting an exterior wall blue gives it huge personality. It achieves this while not clashing with the other colours you will find outside, as it perfectly blends with the beautiful blue sky above.


As with other pastel tones, white & light grey are perfect complimentary colours for blue, helping to balance out the hue you will get when using a pastel shade. Darker tones like black & dark grey, can upset the subtle colour you achieve with light blue shades.


TIP: Colours will look brighter in direct sunlight, so bear this in mind when selecting the colour for your next exterior project.


In direct light, light blues can pop with colour, while in the shade they can appear slightly silver in tone. To get the best representation of a colour, it is important to apply a sample to the wall first, to test exactly how the colour reacts to the amount of light and the type of light the wall receives.


Blue painted houses


We love light blue, which is why when we designed our specially curated colour palette, we had to include a light blue. Crystal blue is a clean mid blue tone which is friendly & welcoming. It was one of the most requested shades to be added to the Emperor Masonry Paint colour range, with many homeowners hunting for a shade that will bring an inviting feeling to their home’s exterior.

Emperor Rose Blue Masonry Paint

Lighter shades can be susceptible to wear & tear, leaving them looking tired after a matter of years. When it comes to maintaining the colour of exterior walls once you apply your paint, it is crucial to ensure you use a waterproof masonry paint. Using a waterproof masonry paint is the secret to keeping exterior walls clean & beautiful as water is what leads to the paint failing or discolouring over time. For this reason, we created our super hydrophobic nano-technology, which repels water from the masonry walls once they are painted. This not only prevents water from absorbing into the wall but also creates a self-cleaning surface that does not allow dirt to attach, as it washes off with any rainfall. This water repellent surface discourages moss, lichens & green growth from gathering on the wall, which is an extremely common side effect of exterior walls that have a high moisture content. Furthermore, any staining that is caused by moisture is prevented, ensuring the full wall is uniformly coloured.


This is in comparison to the vast majority of masonry paints that are available, which are acrylic-based. Acrylic-based masonry paints are not waterproof, which is why they are often referred to as 'weatherproof' or 'weather resistant'. When the rainfall absorbs into the surface, it leads to peeling paint, discolouration & the overall appearance of the masonry walls looking less than optimal.


When we took Emperor Masonry Paint to an independent laboratory, it was tested in a 25 year weathering process to see how it would perform under harsh weather conditions. After the test, it was found to prevent 96% of water absorption, have high breathability, improve the heat retention of the wall and also withstand the weathering for a 25 years period. In fact, after the 25 year weathering, it showed no signs of change in performance or appearance. For this reason we offer a lifetime guarantee on our masonry paint, as we are confident it will never peel or flake.


Our motto is do it right first time and you will never have to do it again. If you apply a high-quality masonry paint, you will have a clean, beautiful exterior wall for years to come without having to repaint it every few years. Emperor Masonry Paint is available in Crystal Blue, plus 11 other popular exterior shades that have been specifically curated to bring your home to life. Why not order a sample pot and find that perfect colour for you?


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What does waterproof mean?


Emperor Masonry Paint contains nano-technology which creates a super hydrophobic surface on painted surfaces. It achieves this by lining the pores of masonry, without sealing these pores. This means that the pores are too small for water to enter through them, but water vapour is still able to naturally breathe out of the material as a gas, it is small enough to pass through the pores. By creating a water repellent surface, any water that can cause the paint to fail simply washes straight off the surface.


Q. Why is breathability crucial?


One of the most important aspects of exterior paints is breathability. Breathability refers to the ability for water vapour to pass through a surface. If a paint has low breathability, it will trap any moisture in the surface, causing it to build up. Eventually, the moisture results in the paint bursting and peeling when the water has no where else to go. While this is crucial for long-term durability in masonry paints, the majority of the paints available in the UK have little to no breathability. This is why they eventually fail after anywhere from 1-5 years. By having high breathability, Emperor Masonry Paint allows any water vapour to naturally breathe out of the exterior wall, keeping it dry and damp free long-term. For this reason, it is also suitable if you suffer from penetrating damp.


Q. What surfaces can I apply Emperor Masonry Paint?


Emperor Masonry Paint is designed to be applied to any exterior wall surface, including brick, stone, concrete & render. You can apply the paint straight to previously painted surfaces, or to bare, unpainted surfaces after applying one-coat of Emperor Exterior Primer. Read our full guide to painting masonry that contains everything you need to know to achieve long-lasting, beautiful results.


We hope that our full guide to blue masonry paint has helped you decide on what colour of masonry paint is best for you. Why not order your sample pot of Emperor Masonry Paint in Crystal Blue to see if it is the perfect shade to transform your outdoor spaces? Alternatively, if you have a question regarding get in touch with our experts by emailing