Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

Why do we offer a lifetime guarantee?

Our products aren't like others. They chemically bond to the substrate. They also prevent a build-up of moisture which leads to failure, thanks to both our super hydrophobic and highly breathable formulation. All of this combines to create extreme durability in any weather conditions.

How do we know this? In independent testing conducted by a UKAS accredited laboratory, both products were found to have no change in performance or appearance after 25 years of harsh weathering, which is why we have complete confidence that they will actually far exceed this 25 year proven performance.

Emperor Paint products

What we need

It couldn't be simpler. All we need from you is two things:

1) A copy of your original invoice.

2) Photo or video evidence of the failure, so that our technical team can identify how the failure may have been caused and provide full assistance on how to best address the failure.

Don't worry, you do not need to register this guarantee with us at any point, all customers who purchase either Emperor Masonry Paint or Emperor Masonry Creme qualify for the lifetime guarantee.

Read our full T's&C's for more information.

Our 25 year proven performance was
achieved under harsh weather conditions

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