"Emperor Paint" "The ultimate breathable, self-cleaning & waterproof masonry paint for exterior brickwork, concrete & more. Certified to withstand at least 25 years weathering..." ""

Emperor Paint Exterior Primer 10L

Emperor Paint Exterior Masonry Primer

For best results we recommend using the Emperor Paint Wall Primer. Using this product before painting means that you benefit from our Lifetime Guarantee and a proven performance of 25 years.

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This product is not to be used in combination with Emperor Paint Masonry Creme. Primer is to be used with the Emperor Masonry Paint only.


Key Features

  • Water-based primer for exterior use
  • For use on surfaces such as lime, cement, plaster, limestone, concrete, light weight concrete, brick, plasterboard, etc
  • UKAS accredited tested and certified
  • Water repellent
  • Highly breathable
  • Self-cleaning
  • Discourages discoloration
  • Discourages growth of moss, algae and lichens
  • Excellent covering abilities
  • Minimises frost damage
  • Proven performance

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it necessary to use Emperor Primer?

To ensure that coloured Emperor Paint is not absorbed into the render of the building.

Is it always necessary to apply the Primer?

It is always beneficial to apply the Primer to bare, absorbent surfaces. It is not always necessary to apply it to already painted surfaces that show no surface breakdown.

How do I apply the Primer?

Use a paint roller, brush or pump sprayer. Apply to dry surfaces in temperatures above 5°C. Always avoid working in direct sunlight on hot days – it is much better to work in the shade.

What would happen if I chose not to use the Primer first?

If you did not use the Primer first on bare absorbent surfaces, you would be applying your coloured paint product to a surface that will absorb the paint resulting in patchy, uneven coverage. We would be unable to guarantee the performance of the products for 25 years.

How much area is a 10 litre tub likely to cover?

The product is supplied ready for use. There is no need to add water or thin the product in any way. A 10 litre tub will cover up to 50 - 80 square metres depending on the surface being covered.

What if I get it on surfaces other than the walls?

Wash the affected area with hot soapy water and a cloth.

Is the product harmful to the environment?

The product is water based and non toxic.

Is the product safe and easy to use?

Whilst the Primer is not a skin irritant, we would always recommend that care is taken when using it. Disposable gloves and goggles are advised, particularly if there is any breeze or wind to protect yourself from spray back. If you do get any Primer onto your skin, wash immediately with warm, soapy water.