Pink Masonry Paint - Colour Guide

Pink masonry paint


When it comes to any decorating project, one of the most difficult decisions to make is what colour to go for. This takes on even more significance when it comes to painting masonry walls as you don't want to have to repaint exterior surfaces more often than you have to due to the time & effort involved. Maybe you are looking to revamp a garden wall, or maybe even give your home a unique new look? You are in the right place, as pink masonry paint is a game changer!


When it comes to exterior masonry colours, the same shades commonly appear. White is by far the most popular colour, closely followed by light grey and then neutrals such as beige, magnolia and cream. The reality is, you do not have to limit yourself to these colours. There is a whole world of possibilities that are being missed by the majority of people, which can give your home a unique, friendly & beautiful look.


Pink in particular is becoming a colour that many homeowners are opening their eyes to. While a staple in interior decor, with dusty, pale pinks being a popular choice, when it comes to painting exterior surfaces, pink isn't always the first colour that comes to mind. The reality is, pink is synonymous with modern decor, and shouldn't be considered exclusively an interior colour in any way. 


Pink painted houseThere are a number of reasons why pink is the perfect modern colour for exterior decorating. For a start, one of the most popular colour combinations at the moment for interior decor is green & pink, which creates a perfect balance between vibrant and sophisticated. This colour combination can be perfectly replicated by using pink masonry paint on exterior walls and taking advantage of deep, luscious green plants in the garden. This brings a beautiful colour to an outdoor space, while still maintaining a mature, elegant feel.


When it comes to pink masonry paint, pastel hues work superbly well. Bolder, more vivid shades of pink can overtake a property, although they can be popular for exterior furniture & other accessories around the garden. With masonry walls, lighter, subtle pinks bring just enough colour to the property to give it a huge amount of character, without upsetting the balance of the building. 


As with other pastel tones, white & light grey are perfect complimentary colours for pinks, helping to counteract any potential sugariness in the pink shade. Darker tones like black & dark grey, while can be effective in interior decor, when it comes to exterior decor can be overwhelming and can take away from the subtle burst of colour you are looking to achieve. 


Pink can be particularly effective on older, rural properties, as the colour brings a sense of nature that marries perfectly with a countryside setting. Alternatively, they can also be perfect for terraced properties as they are the ideal colour to make your home stand out on your street, without creating too much noise that the colour clashes with other properties.


Rose Pink is a pink masonry paint with a light, subtle pink hue, making it incredibly versatile for a pastel shade. Whether you are painting the exterior walls of you home or simply looking to revamp a garden wall, Rose Pink is the ideal choice.


TIP: Colours will look brighter in direct sunlight, so bear this in mind when selecting the right exterior colour for you.


In direct light, it can appear light but warm, especially in the afternoon sunlight. To get the best representation of a colour, it is important to apply a sample to the wall first, to test exactly how the colour reacts to the amount of light and the type of light the wall receives. 

Emperor Rose Pink Masonry Paint


When it comes to maintaining the colour of exterior walls once you apply your paint, it is crucial to ensure you use a waterproof masonry paint. Using a waterproof masonry paint is the secret to keeping exterior walls clean & beautiful as moisture is what leads to exterior walls losing their appeal. Light coloured exterior walls, whether they are white, cream or pink, are susceptible to looking tired & dirty after a matter of years. That is why we created our super hydrophobic nano-technology, which repels water from the painted masonry walls. This firstly creates a self-cleaning surface that does not allow dirt to attach, as it washes off with any rainfall. It also discourages moss, lichens & green growth from gathering on the wall, which is an extremely common side effect of damp exterior walls.


The other way a waterproof masonry paint can help keep exterior walls looking beautiful is by prevent water ingress. The vast majority of masonry paints are acrylic-based, meaning they are not waterproof. When rainwater soaks into exterior walls, not only does it lead to peeling & green growth, but also leads to the wall itself becoming stained and discoloured from the high moisture levels. By using a waterproof masonry paint, you can keep your pink exterior walls clean, dry & resistant to peeling for decades.


We know that when it comes to exterior decorating, no one wants to have to repaint their house every few years when all that hard work goes down the drain when it rains. For this reason we developed our highly advanced super hydrophobic silicone masonry paint which creates a completely water repellent surface on exterior walls. It does this, while also remaining highly breathable, allowing moisture from inside the wall to escape. This combination of water repellency and breathability means that Emperor Masonry Paint will withstand any weather conditions for a minimum of 25 years, as proven by independent testing. The water repellent technology also provide self-cleaning properties that prevents the need to clean exterior masonry walls.


Our motto is do it right first time and you will never have to do it again. That is why our highly advanced formulation is taking the decorating industry by storm, amongst both professional decorators and homeowners. Emperor Masorny Paint is available in Pale Pink, plus 11 other popular exterior shades that have been specically curated to bring your home to life. Not only that, but we offer a lifetime guarantee on our masonry paint as our highly advanced formulation will withstand any weather conditions without failing. Why not order a sample pot and find that perfect colour for you?


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What does waterproof mean?


When it comes to masonry paint, there are a number of terms that are used to describe the ability for a paint to withstand weathering. Many masonry paints in the UK today refer to themselves as 'water resistant', 'weather resistant' or 'weatherproof', as they are not actually waterproof. The reality is, for a paint to be waterproof, it must be water repellent. Standard acrylic masonry paint will infact absorb some level of moisture, which due to their low breathability gets trapped underneath the film of the paint, causing it to peel or flake. Emperor Masonry Paint contains nano-technology which creates a super hydrophobic surface on painted surfaces. It achieves this by lining the pores of masonry, without sealing these pores. This means that the pores are too small for water to enter through them, but water vapour is still able to naturally breathe out of the material. This creates a one-way avenue for moisture to pass through the paint, keeping the weather out but not trapping moisture inside the surface.


Q. How do self-cleaning properties work?


In the same way that water cannot sit on the painted surface, dirt also cannot. Even on rough surfaces where dirt finds a way to land on the painted wall, any rainfall simply washes this dirt off the wall. This prevents dirt from getting ingrained into the wall, which is what causes masonry to look dirty & discoloured.


Q. What surfaces can I apply Emperor Masonry Paint?


Emperor Masonry Paint is designed to be applied to any exterior wall surface, including brick, stone, concrete & render. You can apply the paint straight to previously painted surfaces, or to bare, unpainted surfaces after applying one-coat of Emperor Exterior Primer. Read our full guide to painting masonry that contains everything you need to know to achieve the best possible results.


Thank you for reading our full guide to pink masonry paint. Why not order your sample pot of Emperor Masonry Paint in Rose Pink to see if it is the perfect shade to transform your outdoor spaces? Alternatively, if you have a question regarding get in touch with our experts by emailing