Self Cleaning

A house painted with Emperor Paint products

How it works

Our Emperor super hydrophobic technology causes water to form beads on the surface as they cannot attach to it. These beads as they roll off the surface gather any dirt, ensuring the surface stays clean and free from contamination.

A property before and after being applied with self-cleaning paint

Peace of mind

There is nothing worse than putting hours of hard work into transforming a space for it to look less than its best just a few months later, which can be the case if you use a standard masonry paint or exterior coating. By using our products, you can ensure your handy work can be enjoyed for years to come. This also means you can pick the colour of your choice without worrying whether it will stand the test of time, which puts many off using white. Our self-cleaning technology keeps masonry of any colour looking bright and beautiful no matter what is thrown at it.

Say goodbye to dirty, tired
looking exterior surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I remove organic growth before application?

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