Emperor Exterior Wood Waterproofer


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A clear, wood waterproofer for any exterior timber such as fencing, cladding, sheds, window frames, garden furniture, decking, fascia, wooden beams and log cabins, with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee and a proven 25+ year performance in harsh weather conditions.




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Breathe and relax

Emperor Wood Waterproofer maintains an open-pore structure and chemically bonds to the substrate. This means it does not seal the surface of wood, ensuring high breathability is maintained and that the substrate can naturally release water vapour.


Tested. Certified. Guaranteed.

Emperor Wood Waterproofer has undergone rigorous scientific testing by an independent world-leading laboratory so you can have long-term peace of mind

It has been certified to withstand harsh weather conditions for a minimum of 25 years without peeling or flaking, which is why we offer a 10 year guarantee.

Treated exterior wood vs untreated exterior wood


It's a doddle

Emperor Wood Waterproofer couldn't be easier to apply. Simply apply to any bare, untreated exterior wood using a brush, roller or pump-sprayer. Once fully dry, it will leave completely invisible, super hydrophobic protection.


Our innovative super hydrophobic technology creates a self-cleaning surface that repels dirt and discourages organic growth.


Emperor Wood Waterproofer is completely invisible with no sheen or colour. It achieves this by chemically bonding to the timber, rather than forming a film on timber.


UV resistance helps to reduce the 'silvering' of timber, which causes the natural pigment of bare, untreated wood to bleach over-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Emperor Exterior Wood Waterproofer achieve?

Wood, as a natural mineral surface, is highly porous, meaning it can absorb moisture. This moisture over time can lead it to discolour, rot and decay, leading to the need to regularly maintain the natural wood. By offering water repellent and highly breathable weather protection, Emperor Exterior Wood Waterproofer prevents this continual cycle of damage and helps to extend the lifespan of the wood. By waterproofing wood, Emperor Exterior Wood Waterproofer also prevents the growth of unsightly lichens and moss, protecting the natural beauty of exterior wood long-term.

How has Emperor Exterior Wood Waterproofer been tested?

Emperor Exterior Wood Waterproofer has an independently tested by UKAS accredited laboratory Lucideon who tested the treatment in a 25 year accelerated weathering process. After 25 years of accelerated weathering, there were no signs of change in appearance or performance of the wood waterproofer. This certified that Emperor Exterior Wood Waterproofer has a 25 year proven performance, in accordance with EAD 040287-00-04:2018.

What surfaces can Emperor Exterior Wood Waterproofer be applied to?

How do I apply the waterproofer?

You can apply Emperor Exterior Wood Waterproofer by paint roller, brush or pump sprayer. Apply to dry surfaces in temperatures above 5°C. Always avoid working in direct sunlight on hot days – it is much better to work in the shade. The treatment is a one-coat system, which once applied and fully cured will absorb into the wood to leave an invisible water repellent surface on the wood.

What if I get it on surfaces other than the wood?

Wash the affected area with hot soapy water and a cloth.

Is the product harmful to the environment?

The product is water-based and non-toxic.

Is the product safe and easy to use?

Whilst Emperor Exterior Wood Waterproofer is not a skin irritant, we would always recommend that care is taken when using it. Disposable gloves and goggles are advised, particularly if there is any breeze or wind to protect yourself from spray back. If you do get any wood waterproofer onto your skin, wash immediately with warm, soapy water.

What is the coverage?

The product is supplied ready for use. There is no need to add water or thin the product in any way. The product has a coverage of 5m2 per litre, meaning a 5 litre tub will cover up to 25 square metres depending on the surface being covered.

What is the difference between a wood waterproofer and a wood sealer?

While a sealer creates a water repellent, low breathability film on the surface of wood that can trap moisture inside the material, a wood waterproofer is an impregnating system which penetrates deep into the wood. This means that instead of creating a film on the surface, it provides the wood with water repellent properties from within the surface. This not only means there is not film to breakdown due to weathering but also the breathability of the wood is not impacted. This is what gives Emperor Exterior Wood Waterproofer extreme 25 year durability, allowing it to be highly effective at waterproofing wood long-term.