Extends Lifespan

Wooden exterior surface

Come rain...

The first way Emperor Wood Waterproofer extends the lifespan of exterior wood is by keeping it dry. Our innovative Emperor super hydrophobic technology causes water to form beads on the surface of wood, which simply rolls off before it can absorb in. This coupled with high breathability prevents moisture becoming trapped in the surface and ensures timber stays dry. By preventing water from soaking into exterior wood, you prevent rotting, shrinkage and warping which is all caused by wood becoming saturated. This helps prevent damage and ultimately extends the lifespan of the timber.

Emperor Wood Waterproofer on wooden gate

Tested and certified

We took Emperor Wood Waterproofer to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory to see how it performs in harsh weathering conditions. After 25 years of accelerated weathering, Emperor Wood Waterproofer showed no signs of deterioration in appearance of performance. That is why we offer a 10 year manufacturer guarantee, for full peace of mind.

The ultimate protection for all
bare, natural exterior wood

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