About Us

We don't just protect houses. We protect homes.

At Emperor Paint, our unrivalled dedication to offering the very best in exterior masonry paint and creme is part of our culture and built into our ethos. With over 35 years experience in the specialist paint and coatings industry, we understand that your home is your sanctuary. That is why we are passionate about providing the most advanced protective exterior coating products available to keep you and your home sheltered from the elements.

At the heart of what we do are four cornerstones; environment, education, innovation and trust.


The UK, and indeed the world, is facing significant challenges in terms of global warming and finding sustainable solutions that help protect the planet. We believe we can contribute to the achievement of such goals by working alongside existing energy saving initiatives to provide products which keep buildings dry - and dry buildings mean less heating costs and improved living conditions for people all over the world. We are proud that Emperor Paint is verified by the Energy Saving Trust following their independent review process, demonstrating the exceptional energy saving properties of our Masonry Paint and Masonry Creme.

If energy saving measures such as Emperor Paint became the norm within the UK, a significant step could be made towards reducing the carbon footprint of UK households. By reducing the carbon footprint of our homes, we can help protect the homes of wildlife around the world who are suffering the consequences of global warming.


We believe that super hydrophobic coatings will become the benchmark for protecting buildings in the future and we are proud to offer a new era in exterior coating products. Educating homeowners on the potential consequences of water ingress on exterior walls and communicating the wide variety of benefits that our Emperor Paint technology offers is paramount to what we do.


Having been are the forefront of the specialist paints industry for decades, providing the latest, innovative technology to UK homeowners is essential to who we are. Our commitment to consistent innovation has led to us being able to offer the most advanced super hydrophobic coatings available in the UK, as shown by independent tests conducted by UKAS accredited laboratory Lucideon. Lucideon found that Emperor Paint products not only showed exceptional water repellencey, breathability and heat retention, but also found that they could withstand harsh weather conditions for at least 25 years.


We ensure that we build long-lasting relationships with our customers through our dedicated customer support line. Our team of experts are on hand to provide a full technical back-up service via our website, allowing our customers the peace of mind knowing that there is help when required. We also offer a quick and easy delivery service so you can access the products you need, when you need them.

Emperor Paint's core values