"Amazing paint. Used it for my Garden room, easy to apply. Looking forward to see how it ages through the years."

CJ Basra

Trustpilot review

"Emperor Masonry paint is by far the best paint what I have ever used for exterior walls. This is another level. Good coverage, excellent white colour."


Trustpilot review

"I ordered the paint colour cards... What a brilliant idea, because it allowed us to view the colours against the exterior wall at different times of the day, which enabled us to see the true colour."

Phil Thompson

Trustpilot review

"I have had on for 18 months now and no longer getting any damp inside the house."


Trustpilot review

"First time using @emperor_paint masonry paint and oh my. Probably the best masonry paint system I’ve used to date (and I’ve used some over the years)."



"Delivery arrangements are first class and, when applying the product, it just ‘oozes’ quality, giving you the finish and coverage you hoped."

D Jones Salisbury

Trustpilot review

"Fabulous textured undercoat for walls has already made them look freshly rendered at a fraction of the cost. I can't wait to see what the paint looks like on top! Great advice service and very speedy delivery..."

Amy D

Trustpilot review

"Even though I've used Emperor before, I am still impressed by the ease of ordering, the speed of dispatch and most of all the quality of the paint, the coverage and finish is second to none."

Douglas Hosking

Trustpilot review

"Using Emperor Paint was a pleasure to work with, it went onto the render lovely with little to non splatter and the coverage was amazing! Also can’t believe how far it went, a little goes a long way.Would definitely recommend."

DB Decorators

Trustpilot review

"Brilliant paint system, went on lovely and has an immense finish."

TLC Decorating


"It’s another level when it comes to masonry paint - superb opacity, great finish and repelling water from a wall I’ve had so many moisture problems with."

Jack Wright

Trustpilot review

"Genuinely the best masonry paint on the market."

"An easy 10/10. Nothing else comes close."

Decorators Forum UK

Trustpilot review


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