Coloured Masonry Paint

Exterior Wall Protection

Emperor Paint and Masonry Creme are certified to withstand harsh weather conditions for at least 25 years and are verified by the Energy Saving Trust. Our water-based formulation guarantees excellent coverage and a premium finish.


Emperor’s superior technology is available in a range of popular exterior colours and a clear penetrating cream to enhance the beauty of your property.

Superior protection. Unrivalled performance. Lasting beauty.


  • Lines the pores of the masonry without sealing the surface
  • Does not restrict the movement of air
  • Allows moisture to escape the property to reduce dampness


  • Dirt and grime will run off treated surfaces
  • Makes it difficult for green growth to attach to walls
  • Eliminates discolouration and mould caused by constant wetness
Masonry Paint Creme

The Clear Solution

Masonry Creme

From £99.00
  • Easy to apply
  • Verified by the Energy Saving Trust
  • A one-coat penetrating masonry creme
  • The clear formulation does not alter the appearance of your home