Highly Breathable

Highly breathable surface

Aren't all exterior paints breathable?

If breathability is so important, surely all exterior paints and other coating products breathable, right? Unfortunately, that isn't the case. The majority of exterior paints and coatings are acrylic-based formulations, due to these being easy and cheaper to produce. The problem is, acrylic resins don't have very good breathability. The other problem is that marketing jargon can make it easy for a product to be referred to as 'breathable', as even if a small amount of water vapour can escape, this technically makes the product 'breathable'.

Emperor Paint products

The benefits

By maintaining full breathability of exterior surfaces, our products ensure they stay dry. Our highly breathable nano-technology:

  • Prevents damage caused by high levels of moisture, such as cracking
  • Discourages organic growth
  • Ensures long-term performance without peeling, flaking or blistering
  • Prevents problems associated to penetrating damp
  • Saves you money

Our products have been independently tested
and shown to have SD values below 0.03

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