What Is Damp Proof Paint?

A concrete wall dampproofed with damp proof paint


What is damp?


Damp is the excess of moisture within a structure either from an intrusion from the exterior, or through condensation interior of the structure.


Common types of exterior damp include rising damp and penetrating damp, both requiring differing forms of treatment and prevention.


What causes damp?


In the case of penetrating damp, moisture invades through the exterior wall of a property due damaged brickwork, poor workmanship or other structural issues. While a common issue in the UK, many homes that are prone to damp are left untreated, allowing damp to spread throughout the property.


What are the effects of damp?


The negative effects of damp are varied and widespread. The spread of damp leads to damage & decay of the interior of properties. Plaster, paint & wallpaper can become damaged and stains can be left on both exterior and interior walls.


In some cases, excess moisture can lead to severe structural problems including crumbling mortar and damaged timber. 


Damp can place occupants of a property at risk too. Health concerns regarding damp include bacterial infections, allergenic illnesses & respiratory complications such as Asthma, which can be triggered by the increased moisture in the internal environment.


How can you damp proof your property? 


With penetrating damp, water is absorbed through the masonry, which is then transferred into the property. By lining the pores of the substrate, moisture can be stopped from absorbing into the exterior wall and eventually into the structure of the property. 


This is why at Emperor Paint we developed our innovative formulation which is certified to withstand harsh weather conditions for at least 25 years.


Emperor’s superior technology not only lines the pores of substrates, meaning water is repelled off the surface, but it does this while not sealing the pores completely, allowing water vapour to escape from out of the structure.


This means that not only can water not penetrate into your home, but moisture from the inside can escape. This significantly reduces the risk of damp within the home, giving you peace of mind & protection for the next 25 years.


Get your home protected with our coloured Masonry Paint or clear Masonry Creme.

 The waterproof Emperor Masonry Paint


We hope we have answered any questions you may have had regarding damp proof paint! If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts who are on hand to assist you. Contact them today by emailing info@emperorpaint.co.uk or calling them on 0333 006 8880.