"Emperor Paint" "The ultimate breathable, self-cleaning & waterproof masonry paint for exterior brickwork, concrete & more. Certified to withstand at least 25 years weathering..." ""

The Ultimate Self-Cleaning Masonry Paint

Emperor Self-Cleaning Masonry Paint


Colours shown are indicative only. Please order a tester pot to ensure correct colour match.

What is Emperor Masonry Paint?

Emperor Masonry Paint is a technically advanced, two coat self-cleaning masonry paint for use on brick, stone or rendered exterior walls. The waterproof formulation has been independently tested and certified to not change in peformance or appearance in over 25 years, making it the most advanced self-cleaning masonry paint available today in the UK.

What Is A Self-Cleaning Masonry Paint?

Emperor Masonry Paint contains to the latest nano-technology which creates a water repellent coating on exterior surfaces. When water hits the surface, instead of soaking into the brickwork or render like a standard masonry paint, it will completely be repelled by the technology. This also means that any dirt will simply wash away with any rainfall, significantly reducing the maintenance of your property.

Why Use A Self-Cleaning Masonry Paint?

If you want to keep your exterior walls looking clean & attractive, self-cleaning masonry paint technology is perfect for you. Unlike standard masonry paints, Emperor Masonry Paint will not alter in appearance for years to come. By preventing dirt from attaching & reducing the moisture that causes exterior paint to peel, you can relax knowing that your home looks pristine for a minimum of 25 years. In fact, we are so confident it will exceed the 25 year life expectancy, we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on Emperor Masonry Paint!

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Colours shown are indicative only. Please order a tester pot to ensure correct colour match.

Key Features

  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Waterproof
  • Highly breathable
  • 25 year performance
  • Creates self-cleaning exterior walls which do not allow dirt or green growth to attach
  • Discourages discolouration from constant wetting
  • Prevents salt efflorescence
  • Will never peel or flake
  • Verified by the Energy Saving Trust

Emperor Paint ® Exterior Masonry Cleaner

Removes dirt and green growth for best results

  • Removes dirt and green growth to ensure a clean surface before application of top coats
  • Also reduces the potential of future regrowth
  • Comes ready to use in a 5 litre container
Masonry Paint Creme


  • Lines the pores of the masonry without sealing them, ensuring water vapour
  • If a waterproof masonry paint is not breathable, the paint simply peels off the wall
  • Preventing moisture from the masonry signficantly reduces dampness


  • Dirt and grime will simply run off treated surfaces
  • Makes it difficult for green growth to attach to walls
  • Eliminates discolouration and mould caused by moisture

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by breathable?

Breathability is a term used within the building industry to describe how a substrate allows water molecules and air molecules to pass through it. Our independent scientific testing confirmed that Emperor products had little effect on breathability & did not restrict the movement of air.

How have Emperor Paint products been tested?

The Emperor range of products have been independently tested by a United Kingdom Accredited Testing Laboratory (UKAS) to confirm their performance.  The products were awarded two certifications : ETAG 004 : the products act as external thermal insulation composite and ETAG 034 : which confirms their 25 year hygrothermal performance – i.e. accelerated weathering testing

What is the coverage of Emperor Masonry Paint?

It varies on different substrates, but generally Emperor Masonry Paint rate of approximately 5-6m² per litre. Specific details about the coverage of each of the products can be found on the datasheet, which can be downloaded on the help & advice page.

Can you apply Emperor Masonry Paint over pre-painted bricks and substrates?

Emperor Masonry Paint can be applied on to both pre-painted and non-painted exterior walls. Simply use our Emperor Masonry Primer for bare non-painted walls in order to ensure adhesion.

How do you apply Emperor Masonry Paint?

Emperor Paint products can be applied using a brush, roller or airless spray machine. Specific details about how to prepare the surface and how to apply the products can be found on the datasheet, which can be downloaded on the product page. Alternatively we have a video which outlines each stageof the painting process on our help & advice page.

Can I apply Emperor Paint In low temperatures?

Yes, but it cannot be applied in temperatures less than 5°C.

How long should I leave before painting the second coat?

Emperor Masonry Paint can be recoated after approximately 12hrs at 20°C. Leave slightly longer depending on the temperature.

How soon after raining can it be applied?

Once the surface is completely dry, which will depend on the air temperature at the time. You should know when the surface is dry when there or no visible marks & it is dry to the touch.

What finish does Emperor Self-Cleaning Masonry Paint leave?

Emperor Masonry Paint is a matt finish.

How long does it take to start working?

This obviously depends on the environmental conditions at the time of application, but generally Emperor Masonry Paint will be dry after approximately 2 hours, and will show it's full beading effect after 24 hours.