How to Reduce Your Household Energy Use

UK households

Why reduce your household energy use?


Currently, we find ourselves at a crucially important part in the history of our planet. As carbon emissions rise, so does the risk to the environment. While a significant responsibility should be placed on Government and large businesses to lead the way in reducing carbon emissions, we can all do our bit to make a difference.


Almost 20% of UK carbon emissions come from our homes. Any energy saving measures that we can all take could have a huge positive impact on the carbon footprint of the UK.


Reducing energy waste can also come with a large saving in your energy bills. For many households energy is one of the biggest annual costs, with the average UK home spending approximately £1200 on energy each year. There has never been a better time to save money, while saving the planet.


While many ways to reduce energy consumption have been discussed, there is a significant, largely unmentioned way to reduce your homes household use. Treat your exterior walls with a super hydrophobic masonry paint or coating.


How can super hydrophobic coatings reduce your energy use?


A large proportion of a households carbon emissions comes from heating. In an often cold and wet country such as the UK, we often find ourselves turning the heating on throughout the year.


What many of us are unaware of, is that this heat and subsequent energy is not always directed towards heating our home. When moisture is present in the brickwork of a house, the heat is directed towards drying this moisture before it heats the home, resulting in the unnecessary waste of energy.


How can you prevent this energy waste? Super hydrophobic masonry coatings form a surface on the exterior wall of properties, meaning water simply runs off without being absorbed by the substrate.


While forming a waterproof surface on the outside of your home, these coatings do not seal the pours of the brick completely, allowing water vapour to escape, which assists in reducing damp. This allows the house to breath, releasing moisture from the inside, without allowing moisture to penetrate from the outside.



By reducing the moisture levels in a house, the building can retain heat much more efficiently. An independent, UKAS accredited laboratory found that Emperor Paint & Masonry Creme kept walls 6°C warmer on average, compared to non-treated properties. Once treated, Emperor Paint allows houses to heat quicker & retain the heat for longer, making it an ideal solution to reduce your energy waste. Once more, Emperor Paint has been verified by the Energy Saving Trust following their rigorous and independent review process.


The DIY friendly Emperor Paint is available in both a coloured Masonry Paint and a clear coat Masonry Creme.


Make a difference. Reduce your energy waste today by protecting your home with Emperor Paint.

Emperor Waterproof Masonry Paint


We hope we have given you some useful information regarding how to reduce your household energy use. Whether you want to know if the products can help you or want to find out more information about waterproof masonry paint, they are on hand to help. Talk to one of our experts today or find out more about Emperor Paint products