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Emperor Exterior Fabric Waterproofer


A clear, spray fabric waterproofer for outdoor fabric surfaces such as cushions, parasols and canopies. The water repellent formulation creates a super hydrophobic, water repellent surface on fabric keep outdoor fabric dry. This helps protect the fabric from damage and keep it weatherproof for use all-year round.

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Key Features

  • A highly advanced waterproofing treatment for use on any outdoor fabric
  • Utilises super hydrophobic technology to create a water repellent surface that causes water to 'bead' on the surface of fabric
  • Does not change the appearance of outdoor fabric once applied, offering invisible waterproof protection
  • Prevents staining and makes cleaning fabric much easier
  • Discourages discolouration
  • Extends the lifespan of outdoor fabric
  • Easy one-coat application by spray bottle
  • Skin contact safe

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Emperor Exterior Fabric Waterproofer achieve?

Fabric is highly porous, meaning it can absorb moisture. This moisture over time can lead to damage and staining on the fabric, causing many homeowners to be forced to bring fabric surfaces inside each time it rains. With Emperor Exterior Fabric Waterproofer, rainfall simply runs off the surface of the fabric before it can soak into the material. This keeps the fabric dry, helping to protect it for use all year round.

What surfaces can Emperor Exterior Fabric Waterproofer be applied to?

While you can apply Emperor Exterior Fabric Waterproofer to any indoor or outdoor fabric surface, the treatment is primarily designed for exterior fabric such as cushions, parasols and canopies.

How do I apply the fabric waterproofer?

The ideal way to apply the fabric waterproofer is using the spray bottle provided. It can also be applied using a roller, brush or pump sprayer. Apply to dry, clean fabric that is free from contaminants. 

What if I get it on surfaces other than fabric?

Wash the affected area with hot soapy water and a cloth.

Is the product harmful to the environment?

The product is water-based and non-toxic.

Is the product safe and easy to use?

Whilst Emperor Exterior Fabric Waterproofer is skin safe, we would always recommend that care is taken when using it. If you do get any fabric waterproofer on your skin, wash immediately with warm, soapy water.

What is the coverage?

Emperor Exterior Fabric Waterproofer is supplied ready for use. There is no need to add water or thin the product in any way. The product has a coverage of 8-15m2 per litre, meaning a 1 litre bottle will cover between 80 and 150 square metres depending on the surface being covered. This variance in coverage is dependent on the porosity of the fabric, as highly porous fabric will require more treatment than other fabric.

What is the difference between Emperor Exterior Fabric Waterproofer and other fabric treatments?

While many waterproofing treatments designed for outdoor fabric protect the material in the short-term, Emperor Exterior Fabric Waterproofer is designed for long-term protection. Instead of re-applying the product each time after rainfall, Emperor Exterior Fabric Waterproofer will continue to repel water for years to come. This is thanks to our highly advanced nano-technology that chemically bonds to materials, instead of creating a film on the surface. By chemically bonding to the fabric, Emperor Exterior Fabric Waterproofer will not weather away from the surface, providing long-term durability.

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Emperor Exterior Fabric Waterproofer

A waterproofing treatment for any exterior fabric materials such as cushions, canopies and parasols.

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