9" Purdy Colossus Refill 1" Nap

Great paint pick up & release for increased productivity on larger jobs.

The Purdy Colossus series features high capacity roller covers that load and release an exceptional amount of paint. Made of an exclusive formulation of 100% polyamide, Colossus roller covers lay paint off very smoothly and carry a remarkable amount of material to the surface without dripping or splattering. This product rolls one-third farther than traditional lambskin roller covers and backrolls over 10,000 square feet – other products wear out in less than half the time.

Perfect for rolling a great deal of new drywall quickly, Colossus roller covers hold and release more paint than any other Purdy roller fabric. Designed for heavy-duty painting projects. Also great for stucco, T1-11 siding, brick or rough-textured walls.

  • Less Reloading means improved productivity
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Reduced dripping & splatter when holding more paint
  • Tapered end to reduce tram lines

Key Information

Roller Size9" x 1 3/4"
Pile1" Long Pile