4 Reasons You Need To Waterproof Your House



Water ingress on exterior walls is an ever present problem in today's housing stock. Often caused when exterior walls are left untreated and exposed to the elements, the moisture from wind-driven rain can transfer from the exterior wall to the interior wall of your home. 


We are going to detail four of the biggest reasons why waterproofing your home with a waterproof masonry paint is essential for protecting your home.


1. To reduce your risk of damp


Penetrating damp is caused by moisture entering a structure through an exterior wall. This is commonly caused by poor workmanship, damaged brickwork or other structural issues. Left untreated, this leaves the interior of your home susceptible to the elements. Water from wind-driven rain is absorbed by the brickwork and then transferred into the property, putting your home, your personal belongings and the health of your family at risk.


By applying a waterproof masonry paint such as Emperor Masonry Paint & Masonry Creme, the surface of your house can be protected from invading moisture. The new & innovative technology lines the pours of your Masonry to create a super hydrophobic surface, leaving water to run off the surface completely without penetrating the surface.


2. To reduce your risk of efflorescence


Damp is not the only negative effect caused by the penetration of moisture into exterior walls. Efflorescence is caused by the deposit of salts on exterior walls when water evaporates as it travels through the capillaries of the brick. This leaves an unsightly coating on the surface of brick & concrete surfaces, leading to regular maintenance and cleaning.


An exterior wall suffering from efflorescence


3. To reduce your energy waste


When water penetrates the exterior walls, the thermal conductivity of the house is significantly reduced. By waterproofing the masonry, heat can be retained more effectively. Emperor Masonry Creme & Paint have been scientifically proven to keep houses warmer than non-treated houses.


This was shown during a 25-year accelerated weathering process conducted by the independent, UKAS accredited laboratory Lucideon.


Lucideon tested Emperor Masonry Paint & Masonry Creme against an untreated brick wall to establish the technology's thermal insulating ability. Not only did the Emperor treated surfaces remain unaffected by the weathering process, but they maintained a temperature 6°C warmer on average than the untreated wall. 


The Emperor Paint treated walls achieved this by preventing water ingress on the substrate. When building materials soak up moisture, they become less effective at retaining heat.


By keeping the Emperor Paint treated walls dry, the thermal performance of the wall is increased, allowing heat to be maintained more effectively and thus significantly increasing the energy efficiency of homes.


The exceptional performance of the technology led to Emperor Paint becoming verified by the Energy Saving Trust following their rigorous review process.

Verified by the Energy Saving Trust


4. To keep your house looking clean & attractive


Constant wetness caused by wind-driven rain can cause surfaces to develop mold and discolouration. Green growth, dirt and grime can all attach themselves to untreated surfaces, resulting in unsightly exterior walls that require consistent maintenance.


With waterproofing treatments such as Emperor Masonry PaintMasonry Creme, green growth, dirt and grime will simply run off the surface due to the advanced super hydrophobic technology.


The self-cleaning capability of Emperor Paint keeps homes looking pristine for at least 25-years and eliminates the need for regular re-painting as Emperor Paint will not peel or flake, which is a common problem with less advanced exterior paints. 


Before & after a home was treated by Emperor Masonry Paint
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